What Temperature is it in My Apartment?

83°F as of 04:58 AM (US/Eastern)

What is this?

Last winter, I felt like my apartment was very cold. I looked up temperature requirements in NYC and found this page:

The period between October 1 and May 31 is Heat Season. During this time, the City requires building owners to provide tenants with heat according to the following rules:

I didn't collect any data to back this up, but I felt like it was often cooler than 68° in my apartment (though it was probably rarely cooler than 62°).

This year I will not make that mistake.

I want some hard data to bring to my building's management so that they might turn up the heat. So I hooked up a Raspberry Pi with a temperature sensor to record the temperature every minute. This move is partially inspired by John's room temperature dataset.

Update (as of mid-December)

Independently of my efforts, a petition has been circulated within the building in order to increase the temperature. Since then, my thermometer has been reading at a comfy 70°-72°.

Before then, the temperature usually only fell below 68° for an hour or so at about 6AM. Maybe last winter it was colder? Maybe I am just being a crazy person? I'll leave that up to you.

More Info

Where is the sensor?

It used to be on a shelf in the living room, with the wires loose and exposed. I taped down the wires (hooked up with a breadboard) and taped the whole thing to the inside of a cardboard box, then I put the box under the couch.

The living room is known to be the warmest room in the house. I think the radiator in that room is the best one we have. The couch is a bit closer to the window than the radiator.

How did you build it?

I followed a few guides.

But I made some departures from each guide that i did not specifically keep track of. In particular I found the circuit in the thermometer guide did not work and so I used this one instead.